How much is a word worth?

Journalist friends lament the declining value of their words, both in terms of eyeballs reached and $ paid.  The bald truth is that long-form writing is under threat.  I find it deeply ironic that traditional brand consultancies continue to churn out deck upon deck of join-the-dots, consensus-building research that more often than not ends in some positioning gem like “Quick and easy, everyday.”  At 1M per engagement that’s $250,000 per word not 25c.  Yet whose words are worth more?

Insight – small word, over-used

As a planner I love the business of insights.  But this wonderful word – a powerful, short descriptive word that should be used at the end of some very long thinking – is an over used one.  Every research debrief has a page titled ‘Target Insight’ but in my experience is often anything but.  So this blog is dedicated to the celebration and cataloging of true insights, large and small, from the ad world and beyond.  Insights are analogue, insights are digital.   But true insights are all too rare.  Planners – let’s re-claim the noun.