This is a pretty big day.  It’s the last time in ALL of our lifetimes that the date will read like this.  The next time will be  1.1.(30)11.  I remember so well 7.7.77 (GREAT teacher when I was 7) and 8.8.88 (surly teenager) – 9.9.99 is a bit of a blur which means I was doing what you are supposed to do in your 20s.  2000s was a wash out cos there is no 0 day or 0 month. 01.01.01 was extremely cool.  I wrote as many checks as I could.  It was very satisfying.  01.11.11 was when a good friend of mine had her baby.  And here we are.  12.12.12.  And that’s it.  No more. Sad.  If anyone reads posts like this in 1.1.3011 then hello I feel the same as you do now.