Why America needs a challenger brand now, ahead of 2016.

Americans have collectively breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the loud season of electioneering.  The constant barrage of ads and polls that polluted our fall airwaves and websites is  over. Airtime is reportedly a quarter of the price in some battleground States.

But I personally believe the Democratic election campaign of 2016 needs to already be underway.  Why?

Well if the Democrats act as if campaign season is over and simply go back to partisan politics as usual, and we continue this gridlock for four more years, then any failure of movement in the next four years will be on them, and the Republicans will succeed in their waiting game to take back the nation.

But If the Democrats acted like a challenger brand and issued a rallying cry to the nation to put pressure on Congress to mend their differences, the Republicans will have no excuse not to compromise.   And the failure to move the nation over the next four years will be all on them.

So 2016’s  campaigning should start now.  And it should be around pushing us to push the Republicans not to filibuster for 16 quarters.  Americans don’t like to wait after all.

Maybe Hilary has some money she can kick in?